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"Ach, the church is very near, but the road is all ice,
however the Tavern is very far but I shall walk there carefully"
Russian Proverb.." nicolai

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Welcome to the Crimson Moon Tavern Ltd Website - Registered Company No 9413616.


 Enjoy the Atmosphere
of days gone by
in our "In Character"
Medieval Tavern

The Crimson Moon Tavern (ltd) bridges the Gap between
Live Action Role Play and Re-Enactment
and is available for your private or special function
at a price that will surprise you
Contact us : Enquiries Next Event - We have a wedding this weekend and then Morcambe - "A splendid Day Out"..Now taking bookings for the rest of 2016/17 - see our event pages.....

Based in West Wales and the North East of England , we travel all over the country specialising in providing that extra bit of period experience, whether for Medieval, Viking, English Civil War Re-enactment,
Live Action Fantasy Roleplay, Weddings, Birthday or that different Charity Function.  
The Best Meads, over 32 Country Wines and the finest Real Ale - and all by Candle Power
read about our Country wines here  


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Where we are in 2016
Many new events added for 2016 including
Element RPG - January 2016
Celestial College (CP) February 2016
LARP Aid and Jhereg Event (CP) - March 2016
Teutonian and Wolves Event (CP) - April 2016
Wyld Haeg Camp
Curious Pastimes (CP) / Red Fox Market / Buccaneers
- May 2016

A Splendid Day out / Curious Pastimes / Steampunk Mead Emporiums - June 2016
Big Skill at Hay / Curious Pastimes / Element / Weddings and Engagements - July 2016
South Wales Pirate event - August 2016
Tolkein Weekend, BGCA Camp, EMA & Destrier- September 2016
Buccaneers / Deer Breaking / Winter Steampunk - October 2016
Wolves Banquet (CP) Bears & Wolves (LT) - November 2016
Time & Tide Narnia and Finchal Farm - December 2016
Weddings / Parties / LARP
as well as our established Big Bar events
(updated May 26, 2016 )


Where we are in 2017


enjoy our songs? visit the Vollsanger Song Book / Vollsanger YouTube

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LARP Galleries - Re-enactment Galleries - Wedding Galleries

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+44 (07914) 810 080
+44 (01554) 757032

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Crimson Moon
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Contact the Crimson Moon Tavern Ltd
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+44 (01554) 757032



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